This is U.S. Sustainability

E3: Technology and Innovation, from GMOs to precision agriculture

October 26, 2021

Technology and innovation go under the microscope as we consider the differing approaches between the U.S. and Europe and how technology could play a major role in sustainable food production. We talk GMOs, the cost benefits of variable rate technologies and how farmers everywhere want access to the best tools but sometimes politics stand in the way.

Tune in now to hear from guests including:

·        Monte Petersen, a soybean farmer from North Dakota and a strong advocate for GMOs

·        Peter Hvidsten, a wheat farmer from Northwest Minnesota who uses several practices including variable rate application

·        Benno van der Laan, a public affairs expert who has more than 25 years’ experience in international market access issues associated with agricultural technologies

·        Marie-Cécile Damave, Head of Innovation and International Affairs at agricultural think tank Agridées

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