This is U.S. Sustainability

E2: Animal welfare, with U.S. expert views and a dairy farmer’s perspective

October 7, 2021

Just because the U.S. does things differently doesn’t mean that its animal care practices aren’t as robust as more regulated countries, as our experts explain. 

We also feature a real-life example of animal care in action, from a cattle barn that offers the ultimate in cow comfort – from waterbed mattresses to a milking robot.

Tune in for expert views and on-the-ground experiences from:

  • Tina Hinchley, a dairy farmer from Cambridge, Wisconsin
  • Cheyenne McEndaffer from the U.S. Meat Export Federation, and a former food safety animal welfare officer
  • Tiffany Lee, Director of Animal Care and Compliance at Clemens Food Group, a pork production company, and a trained veterinarian

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